Ira Lupu

What’s on Model’s Mind?

Buro 24/7 Ukraine
May 2015
Read in Russian

The dreams and fears of young Ukrainian beginner models revealed.

Alina, 16

Becoming a model was my childhood dream. I’ve been collecting mother’s fashion magazines and cutting out the pictures of runway models. My first shooting was at the age of 11. It was in the beauty salon and I had to skip school for it. The photographer was a good sport: she lacked two fingers on her hand, but she made great pictures.

After that I understood that my dream to become a model could be fulfilled, so I got to business. First, I had to develop my portfolio: I’ve been putting my pictures on websites, for photographers to find me. I wasn’t afraid of going to shootings as my mom was always backstage.

I’m very serious about my modelling career. For me, it’s not a hobby, it’s a real hard work. Being a model means you constantly have to communicate and travel the world. It’s very important to know how to approach very different people, to understand what they think about you and what is their attitude, to feel if you have any chances at the casting. That’s why I want to earn a psychologist degree. Of course I face hardships all the time, but so do people in other fields. You have to get a hold of yourself and go ahead.

My main model feature is my hair. I’ve never dyed or cut it. My height was just 160 cm before and that was a real problem, but then I grew up by 7 cm and then 3 cm more. Now I take multivitamins and make special exercises on the horizontal gym bar so I hope to stretch upward more.

I know that I look quite bitchy but in real life, I’m nice, easy-going and always happy to meet new people.

Diana, 15

I’ve always been told I have a good body and height appropriate for a model, but I wasn’t up to modelling. Then I entered modelling school, and got hooked. This shooting we’re having today is the first one I have with my new agency. I liked it, I felt myself amongst like-minded girls.

I study at college with an English language specialization. Whom I want to become, I don’t really know… Fashion designer? I like modelling too. My favourite models are Barbara Palvin and Cara Delevigne.

Generally, I’m drawing and preparing to enter art school. I draw still-lifes, landscapes, classics of this kind, using pencil, watercolor and oil paint. My favourite painter is Salvador Dali.

I used to be shy of my height. Everybody was looking at me, telling me I’m too thin. Now, I don’t have such self-esteem issues. I think there are no ugly people.

Olesya, 24

I’m an educated ecologist. Nobody needs ecologists today, so I’ve been working as beauty salon receptionist until recently. Now I’m unemployed, but I’m in this modelling agency so it brings me certain bread and butter. I’m quite interested in fashion, but I don’t plan to be a model for my whole life. I need to help my family.

I’ve been 9 years old when my first brother was born. I’ve been looking after him when my father was earning a wage abroad. So I skipped the teenage period of my life. No parties or hanging out with peers, just household tasks. The modelling job helped me to survive financially. I’ve done the first shooting simply because I needed money.

I admire professional models, especially Gisele Bundchen. She’s a businesswoman and a real beauty.

I’ve graduated from Polytechnic University in Odessa but I was born in the region. My father is from Western Ukraine, that’s where my typically Ukrainian name comes from. There is a family legend behind my name. As a boy, my father had decided his son’s name would be Oleksandr. But he got daughter instead, so I’m Olesya.

They say that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world, but I think there are beauties everywhere. Everybody has own advantages, like, Brazilians have splendid curves, and Eastern European girls have their faces and hair. And in Western Europe they have this stark contrast: women are either very beautiful or tomboyish. I don’t like when the modern girls smoke and curse a lot. I think that a woman has to be an example for her future daughter. In 10 years from now, I want to live somewhere in US, preferably in NYC, that’s my childhood dream. At the age of 30 or earlier, I’d love to become a mother. I prefer the mother role way more than the model role.

Lesya, 15

I went to modelling school just by chance. My friend dragged me there. I always liked Kate Moss, but I can’t say I ever had some special interest in fashion.

I know for sure I won’t remain without proper education. I’d love to get several degrees, for example, psychology and cinema direction.

I’m learning music, playing piano in particular and I do it by myself. I’m a mad music geek, I’ve three thousands of songs on my phone. Now I mostly listen to weepy romantic stuff and Keaton Henson but I used to like hard stuff: Evanescence, Metallica, Black Sabbath.

There is Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish blood in my veins. Maybe that’s why my looks vary from different angles. People often tell me I look like Megan Fox or I have Angelina Jolie’s lips. I’m Ok with this, it’s pleasant to hear.

I’m weird. I’m so sincere I just can’t lie, I start laughing instead and everyone gets I’m not telling truth. I’m moralist and I respect myself. I try to find good sides in everything, but I’ve a tendency to fall into sad moods. And the most important thing is, I’m so romantic! And for me, love is… Oh, here we go! First of all, it is always a certain attachment. I don’t believe in love from first sight. You can fall in love and have this chemistry, but real love takes years to develop. And only in three years you can claim you love somebody. For real love, friendship is required. If you marry too soon, in a year you can find out he munchies too loudly. And it’s driving you nuts!